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Both Haye and Bellew were seen clearly exchanging heated remarks with one another on stage today at the weigh-in ahead of tomorrow night’s fight in London.

While the build-up to the rematch has been relatively low-key as opposed to the first fight, it was clear to see that beneath it all, when the two came face to face, the grudge between the two is still as strong as ever.

Two guys who will just never get along.

Both looked in relatively good condition and seem prepared to go the full twelve rounds if necessary.

Bellew came in at 210.4lbs while Haye came in at 220.2lbs.

Neither clearly a big heavyweight but both still carry enough one punch knockout power to end the night early.

Here’s what happened when they came face to face for the final time before they meet in the ring tomorrow night:

Clearly no love lost between the two.

Some commented that they thought Haye would come in a touch lighter than he did and there has been rumblings in the run up that he’s had some injury trouble behind the scenes preventing him from sparring.

All shall be revealed tomorrow night.

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