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This weekend Haye and Bellew will duke it out for a second time following one of the upsets of 2017 when Tony Bellew stopped Haye inside the distance.

Haye suffered injury in the fight, as did Bellew – in a bout that surprised many.

Going into the fight Haye was a huge favorite but Bellew proved that he was not to be underestimated in an excellently delivered game plan on the night.

It’s nearly been a year since the first fight at this stage following injury to Haye causing the rematch date to be delayed until this Saturday night at the 02 Arena.

Now for the first time on camera both men have actually gone through the old fight round by round with the folks at the Sport Bible:

Some interesting tactical insights into what both were trying to do on the night.

Haye has looked noticeably lighter coming into the second fight with the school of thought thinking he’s taken the rematch far more seriously.

Bellew is also looking in decent shape mind you, so don’t write him off completely this weekend.

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