David Haye Reveals Ripped Physique Ahead Of Bellew Rematch

David Haye Reveals Ripped Physique

David Haye reveals ripped physique ahead of this Saturday’s rematch with Liverpool heavyweight Tony Bellew at the 02 Arena in Liverpool.

Haye has been training diligently and more quietly this time in the run up to his rematch with Bellew this weekend.

In the run up to the first fight he was boasting about how easy he was taking things ahead of the Bellew fight.

Not the case this time.

This time last year he was training with Shane McGuigan (son of Barry McGuigan) but has now made the change to Ismael Salas to focus more on his technical boxing work.

However he’s also made some significant changes to his physical preparation too.

He looks to be built more for speed and stamina this time around and this video shows he’s certainly taken things deadly serious this time:


The fight will take place at approximately 10pm local time in the UK this weekend which works out as 2pm in the afternoon on the West coast of the US.

5pm on the East coast. Viewers are advised to check their local listings.