Tony Bellew Reveals What David Price Did To David Haye In Sparring

Tony Bellew knows David Haye all too well having shared the ring in the pros but speaking ahead of their rematch this weekend –¬†Bellew recalled a time as an amateur he watched an infamous sparring session between Haye and Liverpool’s David Price.

Bellew and Price are good friends from the same city in the UK (Liverpool) and have always helped one another with sparring over the years.

Sparring is sparring of course but still to this day, Bellew thinks the hardest he’s ever seen anyone be hit was Haye by Price years ago in their early pro careers.

Speaking to the XO YouTube channel, Haye revealed:

“David Price hit him. I’ve never seen it before and I’ve never seen it since. David Price hit David Haye in that sparring session and he hit him so hard, I s*** you not, David Price hit him with a right hand and David spun around 360 degrees and he done a dance. Pricey stood there as if to say, how did that happen? I screamed hit him! Do him! Hit him!”

Haye and Bellew rematch one another this weekend at the O2 Arena in a heavyweight fight that the winner could see themselves propelled back into big time heavyweight boxing.