Katie Taylor Fight Not To Be Shown Live On HBO Boxing

Katie Taylor Opponent

Today we learned that Irish boxing superstar Katie Taylor will not go out live on HBO in the US this weekend as part of the Danny Jacobs and Jarrell Miller card at the Barclays Center.

A strange decision considering the amount of Irish Americans in the US and that her promoter Eddie Hearn has been pushing her and the idea of women’s boxing so hard in recent months.

However, to be fair to Hearn – it was not his decision it would appear.

Speaking to Eddie briefly earlier he said:

“Yeah they’ve decided to put her on the HBO highlights this weekend but her fight will go out live on Sky Sports in the UK and Ireland. I know, I know (disappointing – nodding his head).”

I briefly got HBO Boxing boss Peter Nelson’s reaction and reasoning behind the decision, who said:

“Yeah we had a full schedule this weekend on the live slot so unfortunately could not fit her in. We’re hoping to have her in the highlights.”

On whether or not he thinks women’s boxing can be big in the US, he thought it could:

“Yeah I think it can. It will just take a little time.”

Taylor will still be live on Sky Sports this weekend so not all is lost, but hopefully if she can churn in an impressive knockout then the American audience will also pick up the highlights later on in the evening.

Taylor’s fight at the weekend will be the only world title unification bout on this weekend’s card.