The Mixed Reaction to Gennady Golovkin’s Next Fight

Golovkin Unleashes Verbal Onslaught On Canelo Ahead Of Rematch

While fans will have to wait until at least next September for the Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez rematch. In the mean-time, the former was left with little time to find a late replacement.

‘GGG’ will take a low-key ‘keep busy fight’ in California on May 5th as he waits for Canelo to serve out a six-month ban handed to him last week by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

The response from media and fans alike has been largely underwhelming in terms of the fight on May 5th.

Despite going out on regular HBO, it has now pretty much largely going under the radar all together.

While the whole situation was a mess from start to finish, it’s perhaps unfair to level some of this frustrated reaction at Golovkin himself.

After all, a man who has shown in the past that he is more than willing to step in there with anyone.

Never afraid of a challenge.

Or a fight – with anyone.

The biggest response in this whole saga is of course to Canelo’s suspension in that in the eyes of some it being too light.

Particularly without a financial penalty incurred also.

At the end of the day however we’re going to get the rematch later this year.

Just not straight away like everyone wanted.