Interesting Results In Who Wins Khan v Brook Fight Poll

Latest Tirade From Kell Brook Shows He Really Despises Amir Khan

Who wins in Khan v Brook is going to be a question many boxing fans will be asking themselves once again following Amir Khan’s successful return to the ring last night.

A pugilistic showdown seems almost prophetically ordained at this point from the powers that be.

given that both men now share the same promoter and were purposefully put into the ring with one another last night to hype a potential battle.

Both fighters have said they want the bout but it’s not going to happen immediately next up.

That much seems (as in boxing anything can change) certain.

However both will box again in the summer and provided they both win, a matchup seems at the end of the year to be waiting in the wings.

We wanted to get a taste of who fans think will win when it happens.

The results provided some interesting food for thought.

Out of 177 votes in a short duration poll on Twitter:

  • 54% said Brook.
  • 46% said Khan.

Despite the fact Khan looked as good as he did last night.

Brook looked impressive in his return fight earlier this year too, mind you.

The main bone of contention to getting the fight done is weight at this point.

Khan even mentioned as much straight away after last night’s fight.

A catchweight of 150 lbs seems like the most fair option for both men without compromising either’s ability on the night due to a big weight cut (mostly on Brook’s part).