Kell Brook calls Khan out in the middle of the ring tonight in Liverpool following Khan’s explosive comeback win over Phil Lo Greco.

Inside 39 seconds the fight was over tonight. Khan came out all guns blazing, aggressive – and did what he needed to do against an opponent he was expected to beat.

Straight away Kell Brook got into the ring with Khan and everything turned to a fight between both men, as the fans cheered for it.

After the fight Khan said:

“I want to say a big thank you to Liverpool. Liverpool you were great tonight. I’ve been out of the ring for two years. I was still in the gym training hard. Obviously I had the (hand) operation. People just wanted to see me comeback and I wanted to prove a point. Obviously a lot happened in the past. I had a new trainer Joe Goossen with Virgil been sick.”

He added:

“I’m back with a big bang. I’m going to become a world champion hopefully this year or next year. The future holds some big fights. I want to give all you UK fans some big fights. I want to sell out all the stadiums. The Arenas. I’ve comeback to show you what Amir khan is all about.”

When Brook got into the ring and called Khan out, Khan said:

“At the moment I am a 147lbs fighter. I want to win a world title and bring the big names to England and fight him. I will beat Kell Brook if I fight him. I’m a better fighter. Kell – I came to Eddie (Hearn) your promoter to sign a deal. I’m chasing you – remember that.”

To which Brook replied:

“He doesn’t want the fight. All the fans want the fight. I want the fight. He can go in the jungle and chase stars but when he gets in the ring with me he’ll see stars.”

Promoter of the pair, Eddie Hearn, added:

“I love the Khan-Brook fight. That fight will always be a big fight. I believe the British public want to see Khan against Brook.”

Brook went on to say:

“I’m not no Lo Greco. Nothing at all. I know he’s got fast hands. Timing beats speed. I will land that bomb on him, that brownie. I’ll destroy him. I don’t think he wants the fight. I want the fight because wherever I go I get asked you need to fight Khan. I’m dying to put him to sleep.”

One way or another, one gets the feeling will see the Brook v Khan fight.

Sooner than later.

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