Khan and Frampton Go Head To Head On TV

While Amir Khan and Carl Frampton will not actually face one another in the ring this weekend, an unusual clash of dates will see fight fans have to choose which fight they would rather watch.

Some may opt to flick back and forth between fight cards while others may just pick one and as soon as it is finished hope that the other fight they may want to see will still be on.

With boxing doing extremely well as a sport once again around the world, it’s certainly odd that a scenario like this was allowed to happen in the first place between the respective – rival TV companies Sky and BT in the UK – and rival promoters Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren.

While on paper you’d have to say the more competitive fight to watch this weekend is Nonito Donaire and Carl Frampton, it cannot be denied that Khan is the biggest star fighting this weekend.

He’ll draw considerable TV ratings given his name and the fact he’s making a comeback for the first time in over two years against Phil Lo Greco.

The result of these fight cards clashing will see both fight’s ratings affected – the combined results of which should tell a lot about the respective audience currently out there for boxing in total in the UK.

From a US perspective both fights will also draw interest given the star status of Khan, Lo Greco operating in the US previously – and Frampton and Donaire’s fights in the past in the US.

All in all one can’t help but feel this type of clash in dates should be avoided at all costs in the future.

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