Spine Tingling Video Marks Tyson Fury June 9th Comeback News

Tyson Fury June 9th

The Tyson Fury June 9th return to the ring has been made official today as the boxing world goes into over drive following the news that one of its most controversial fighting sons is now on his way back – officially this time.

The comeback was in the works for the last few months following news that Fury had gotten past his previous issues with UKAD and the British Boxing Board of Control.

He linked up with a new trainer and the main questions surrounded who his new promoter would be, when he would return and who it would be against.

Well all of those questions bar the last one have now being answered with this:

Quite the bit of promotion to be fair.

Over the past number of months Fury has lost an astonishing amount of weight that has been conveyed in his regular training updates alongside coach Ben Davison.

While the exact figure for the amount he has lost so far is not known, it surely has to be at least six or seven stone from what he was last year.

June 9th gives him plenty of time too – to get in even better shape in a bid to get some of his old timing back.

Expect him to box twice this year before going back in with the top dogs in the division in 2019.

What a time for heavyweight boxing once again.