Floyd Mayweather was on the promotion trail this weekend in Las Vegas and spoke live on Showtime about a number of issues such as this week’s McGregor arrest in New York and the chances of McGregor and him fighting in MMA.

Mayweather appears to be solely interested in fighting in MMA – if indeed he does fight again in combat sports.

Boxing appears to be dead and over for Mayweather as an active fighter.

It’s the promotion world for him in the sweet science now.

Speaking to Showtime’s Jim Grey this weekend he touched on all things McGregor and the move to the sport of mixed martial arts potentially:

“I can do whatever I want to do – I’m Floyd Mayweather.”


“I will not box again.”

Probably the pick of the quotes from the above.

In many ways we’ve been here before with Floyd in terms of him retiring and then making a comeback of some kind.

More than anything he appears to be a man who always wants to be in the spotlight at the right, strategic time, only really when he’s promoting or selling something.

It’s not uncommon to not hear from him in the media for large periods of time, even months, and then bang – something comes up that he wants to sell and he’s back.

His main social media exploits these last few months have been pushing his strip club in Vegas no less.

So, Mayweather in MMA?

Stranger things have happened.