Watch: Full Conor McGregor Court Appearance After Bus Attack

Conor McGregor Court

The first Conor McGregor court appearance came this week following an incident in New York that saw him and members of his crew been recorded on camera attacking a bus containing UFC fighters earlier this week.

The incident occurred at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn that caused world headlines.

A number of people were named in court already in terms of a judge requesting that McGregor and his team-mate who also appeared in court, both stay away from these individuals and have no communication with them at all.

McGregor looked calm and relaxed during proceedings below in which a $50,000 bail limit was requested and met that saw him released until June 14th when he must return to New York to appear in his next court proceeding.

For the meantime he will be allowed to travel internationally back to his native Ireland.

Here is how the full Conor McGregor court appearance went down:

McGregor could face some time out of the MMA cage or even boxing ring because of this due to the amount of time it will likely take to get through both extensive criminal proceedings and furthermore, most likely, civil proceedings brought about by those injured in the incident.