Watch: Conor McGregor In Handcuffs – Mug Shot Emerges

Conor McGregor In Handcuffs

Conor MGregor in handcuffs will surprise many of his fans fir a man who fought his way to the top from the bottom but in recent times appears to be gone off the rails following overwhelming success.

McGregor has been making world news today following an altercation that occurred in New York yesterday where he and members of his entourage were recorded attacking a bus with UFC fighters on board.

It is understood that McGregor coordinated the attack to stick up for a close friend and team-mate of his.

However it has landed him in massive trouble as he has now been formally charged with three counts of assault by a New York jurisdiction that could see not just his VISA process jeopardized in the US, but could also see him serve real jail time and face many multi-million dollar civil lawsuits too.

A short time ago the following video emerged of Conor McGregor in handcuffs been lead out of a police station:

The first official mug shot of McGregor has now also been doing the rounds on social media:

Nicknamed ‘The Notorious’ he’s certainly living up to the nickname at the moment.

Time will tell what happens next to Ireland’s Conor McGregor.