The Black Mamba: Roger Mayweather Health Update

Legendary boxing trainer and former two-time world champion Roger Mayweather’s health has not been too good the last few years with many fight fans concerned genuinely for his well-being.

‘The Black Mamba’ is best known for training his nephew Floyd Mayweather to some of the greatest wins of his 50-0 career in the squared circle – but Roger in his own right was a hell of a fighter back in the day.

A piston of a jab and a nasty right hand that he used to slam in on top of it, his knockout fists and ability to defeat many teak tough Mexican opponents earned him his nickname in the ring.

As well as winning him the world title on two occasions.

His health in recent years due to complications with diabetes has slowed him down however with worrying pictures in recent times showing him in a hospital bed with his nephew Floyd visiting him.

His brother Jeff Mayweather has told the Mayweather Boxing Channel the following on Roger’s health:

“Right now Roger has good days, he has bad days. On his good days the old Roger turns up from time to time. He’s very talkative, he’s always making jokes. He’s laughing. Then he’ll have days where he seems like he is kind of zoned out and you don’t really know what’s going on in his mind or anything. Lately though the last few times I’ve seen him he’s actually kind of being upbeat and like I said, it’s tough. It’s real, real tough. I can’t lie. It’s really tough seeing my brother this way. But at the same time it’s a blessing for him to still be here.”

He later continued to say on Roger’s current health:

“I think part of it is dementia and part of it is the diabetes.”

Everyone at Boxing News and Views wishes Roger well and a speedy recovery.

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