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Forget Giving Snowden Back His American Passport In Russia

Canelo Alvarez for the first time stood in front of the world’s media as he officially withdrew from May 5th’s rematch with Gennady Golovkin following a failed drugs test recently.

He will find out what or if he faces a punishment for the doping test violation later this month at a hearing by the NSAC but for the meantime he is on the sidelines and has chosen to step aside while Golovkin must now scramble to find a new opponent for May 5th in Las Vegas.

When asked at a media conference on what he thought of Golovkin’s claim that he is a cheat Canelo replied:

“To be honest, what Golovkin or his team say doesn’t both me at all because number one, they are not doctors. They are not the experts. I don’t pay attention to them. It’s sounds to me more of an excuse for not wanting to fight and being scared to be honest.”

Canelo and his team have maintained that the adverse result in the drugs test was due to contaminated meat that other Mexican sportsmen have also fell victim to in recent years.

Golovkin for his part confirmed yesterday that he will have news of a new opponent shortly.

The show goes on, as they say.

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