YouTuber Pulls Off Master Plan To Sneak Into Joshua vs Parker

One YouTuber known for getting into high level sporting events when he shouldn’t, has struck again.

This seems to be a new thing now around every major sporting event where would-be journalists who have large YouTube channels have been able to pull the wool from under event’s organizers eyes, so to speak.

One such evil genius was Zac Aslop from the UK who managed to infiltrate the press area and even get into the ring this past weekend at the Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker heavyweight unification in Wales.

He charted his plans and how he did it in this video vlog posted on YouTube:

With secruity tighter than ever before at events, it’s quite remarkable how he pulled the above off in fairness.

No doubt boxing event organizers will be on a more heightened alert after such a public boasting of his undercover exploits in the aftermath of Saturday’s proceedings in Cardiff.

The prankster also successfully made it into the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor press conference in London last year which was also documented right here: