What Anthony Joshua Told Joseph Parker’s Mother After The Fight Was Pure Class

Heavyweight champion of the world Anthony Joshua showed a softer side to himself after last night’s fight when he personally went over to beaten foe Joseph Parker’s mother for a quick chat.

Both boxers fought a tactical fight for twelve rounds that perhaps was ruined a bit by the referee who kept breaking them every time they came close in and wanted to work on the inside.

It appeared like they wanted to work and let shots go when they got in tight, but the referee just kept breaking them and in many ways – disrupted the natural flow of the contest.

Joshua ultimately ran out a unanimous points decision winner, perhaps by overly wide scoring margins it should be noted. But a deserving winner nonetheless.

Afterwards made time to tell Joseph Parker’s mother that:

“I made sure I spoke to Parker’s mum before she left and say, ‘Pat your son on the back, he’s done well and he’ll be back.’ And that goes a long way, why would I want to kill her son in the ring?”

The comments came in the post-fight press conference following a question pertaining to getting Joshua’s opinion about recent comments from rival Deontay Wilder saying he wanted “a body” on his record.

The remark has been widely blasted in recent days from all circles in boxing.

Talks now turn to whether or not Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder can get a fight on this year.

Fans will be hoping they can.