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Joshua Reacts To Wilder Possibly Not Coming To Parker Fight

It was thought WBC heavyweight world champion Deontay Wilder would definitely be in attendance at this weekend’s Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker unification but now things are not so sure.

The sticking point appears to stem from Wilder not being guaranteed immediate access to the ring afterwards to call out the winner in another heavyweight unification later in the year.

Speaking to IFL TV, Joshua said of his potential plans to not come as a consequence of the above:

“It doesn’t change the outcome if Wilder is present or not. Tyson Fury could be there. We’ve had some great names at the fights. I don’t mind if Wilder comes. You know me better than that to be rattled or angry or any sort of emotion because someone’s at the right. It doesn’t bother me.”

He added:

“Not saying that he wasn’t going to get in, but you don’t dictate to me and tell me, I’m getting in the ring after the fight, that’s not how it goes mate. I’ll tell you, I’ll invite you in the ring after the fight. This ain’t a script. This ain’t an act. We’re not gonna, ‘ah what we’re gonna do is get you in the ring’, no, no-no.”

If Wilder and Fury were to both get into the ring afterwards, should Joshua win – now there would be some entertaining television.

The three fighters considered by most to be the best heavyweights out there at the moment.

It has also been suggested that Tyson Fury could actually walk Joseph Parker to the ring on Saturday night in a big to get under the skin of Anthony Joshua, with Fury and Parker understood to be good friends behind the scenes.