Dillian Whyte no doubt will be smiling today as he woke up a winner from last night’s fight in London. He couldn’t contain his excitement straight after winning last night.

Whyte now finds himself potentially on the verge of a crack at WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder or even a rematch with old rival and current champ Anthony Joshua.

A lot will tell how negotiations go between the respective fighter’s promoters over the coming weeks, but another factor outside of their control could include if the WBC decide to call a mandatory for Wilder in which case Whyte will likely be it.

For now though, Whyte can bask in his most recent success and enjoy all his celebrations after what was a pretty epic attempt last night to kick the ropes in the ring.

Well, it looked like that was what he was trying to do anyway:

(Hat tip Arsenal victim Twitter)

Full marks for effort, Dillian.

Whyte showed a lot of strengths in his fight game last night and this new-found top-level fitness and conditioning really appears to be helping his overall fight game.

His speed, timing and boxing skills were all on point last night in a bout where he outclassed his opponent in the end.