Floyd Maywether despite many believing that the whole MMA move was simply a publicity stunt – is apparently serious about it after all.

The link between him and Conor McGregor continues months on after the fight happened last August but the new story around Maywether is that he actually wants to train MMA properly before stepping into a cage.

He confirmed to TMZ Sports that he will be applying for an MMA license in the future and that he doesn’t mind taking his time in training and getting ready, even if it takes 6-8 months.

He also rated his wrestling game as 7/10.

While logic would tell you there is no chance of a 41-year-old man from another sport having enough time on his side to learn an entire new sport to compete at its highest level, that doesn’t mean they may not try to match Mayweather with a journeyman in MMA.

He’d have more of a chance but even still, it’s a surprising risk taken by a man who has taken few risks in his career.

The show goes on, as they say.