Don King and Bob Arum are up there for two of the most famed boxing promoters in the history of the sport. Once bitter rivals, the two in their later years met ahead of this weekend to let bygones be bygones.

Between them the two have been involved in the sport for combined best part of a century at this stage.

The type of longevity never seen from any other promoters really, when you look down through boxing’s rich history.

This weekend they have two fighters going up against one another again, as it happens, and met up with the folks at ESPN YouTube (hat tip) in what was brilliant moment between two of the sport’s legends outside the ring:

Brilliant stuff.

How both men still have that energy and drive at that age is perhaps a lesson to us all in working in an industry one is passionate about.

This weekend’s Arum’s latest ESPN card takes place which so far, in terms of his fights that have taken place on the gigantic network, have really been delivering in quality-wise.

Indeed last week rival promoter Eddie Hearn paid tribute to the quality of matches Arum’s promotion are putting on the network since starting the deal.

Provided these level of match ups continue, the future only bodes well for not just American boxing, but the sport overall.