Broken Nose, Tooth Lost and Broken Jaw In Valdez vs Quigg War

Scott Quigg may have missed weight considerably before his world featherweight title shot tonight, but he made up for it with a gruelling battle tonight in California.

WBO featherweight world champion Oscar Valdez ultimately won a unanimous decision over Englishman Quigg to retain his title but was made work for the win in more ways than one.

Valdez came through a lot of pain to get the win tonight in a bout where he suffered a broken jaw and lost a tooth.

Scott Quigg wasn’t left out of the fight injury free either. Sustaining what looked to be a painful broken nose.

Valdez started the fight strongly, largely in control of the opening rounds.

But Quigg managed to get into the fight by round four with his trademark work rate and aggression.

The fight ebbed and flowed in the mid rounds in what transpired to be an exciting battle to watch.

By round eight Valdez started to work the body of Quigg which slowed the Englishman down a tad in the later rounds.

By the final round both men were badly bashed up but still put on a show for the fans as they poured everything into the last round.

The final scorecards read out 117-111, 117-111 and 118-110 all in favour for the champion Oscar Valdez.

Valdez improves his record to 24-0-19KO with the win. Quigg drops to 34-2-2-25KO with the loss.