Graphic Photo Of Valdez and Quigg’s Faces Emerges Revealing Extent Of Damage

Boxing is not a sport for the faint hearted sometimes and last night Mexican Oscar Valdez and Englishman Scott Quigg suffered some of the more painful injuries seen recently in a pro boxing ring.

Fighting live on ESPN the fight delivered in buckets.

An action packed encounter that saw Quigg suffer a broken nose and Valdez a broken jaw – and lost tooth in the fight.

Add to this before the fight Quigg went into it with a reported fractured foot.

Pain was most certainly the main dish of the evening for all involved this weekend.

This picture from Editin King Boxing (hat tip) probably captures the shuddering reality of what took place best:

Battle scars indeed.

What  fight though, and what  night for the sport of boxing.

It’s these type of competitive, genuinely entertaining fights going out on massive platforms like ESPN that will grow boxing back to where it once was.

Valdez now moves on to potentially some very big fights at featherweight.

Quigg can come gain after a performance like that, too.