Eubank Absolutely Spot On In Defence Of Boxing From Anti-Boxing Mob

Chris Eubank for all the jibes he comes in for online in relation to the handling of his son’s career, knows his boxing more than anyone as a former world champion. He’s taken to national television this week to combat some of the sport’s detractors – and has done so marvellously.

Eubank senior was an accomplished world champion in his day.

Remembered by the sporting community at large for some of his epic battles with the likes of Nigel Benn and Steve Collins.

He also shared the ring one fateful night with Michael Watson where tragically Watson suffered brain injury after the fight.

However since then – Watson has made great progress in his recovery over the year.

This fight, and his own son’s fight with boxer Nick Blackwell a couple of years back where Blackwell was left injured as well, were the main angles of attack from a TV panel on UK television this week.

What Eubank said to bat back these negative condensations on the sport was spot on in so many ways:

(Hat tip On The Canvas Boxing Twitter)

That says it all, really.

Full credit to Chris Eubank.

For the full interview of what was said on national television in the UK check it out here on ITV YouTube (hat tip):