Adrien Broner Rips Keith Thurman – Promises A Real Beef

Adrien Broner not long out of trouble with the law has been back on the fight promotion rally and this time is taking aim at a new potential fight, one with Keith Thurman no less.

It was thought that Broner would be making his first fight of 2018 at the 140lbs limit.

Not at welterweight where he’s been previously campaigning at in recent years, but a match with Thurman most definitely would be at 147lbs.

Following a recent incident in a shopping mall for Broner it is not exactly known either what the immediate future holds for the man from Cincinnati.

In terms of his next fight in the boxing ring that is. That has not stopped him banging the drum, mind you.

Speaking on social media, Broner had the following message for Keith Thurman:

Both guys are managed by the same man, Al Haymon.

So logically speaking it would not be that difficult a fight to be made, in theory.

Whether Broner is on world champion Thurman’s radar at this stage of the game is another story however.

Thurman had been linked with a rematch against Danny Garcia but it is unclear who either man will fight just yet.

Most of these guys seems to box only twice a year – so it’s quite hard to figure out when or who they’ll take on as there is never any pattern to go off.