What Wilder Said About Getting Hurt In The 7th Round Against Ortiz

Deontay Wilder suffered the biggest crisis of his professional boxing career in the 7th round of his fight against Cuban Luis Ortiz.

He was rocked badly in the round. How he stayed on his feet was quite incredible in itself.

Let alone surviving the round and later rallying back to win by knockout a few rounds later in round 10.

Speaking after the fight on what happened in round 7 of the fight, Wilder said:

“I really were not thinking nothing (laughs). Nothing to be honest. I knew once I got out of that whirlwind that he had me in that I had to get up out of there because he throws nice combinations. I think when he puts guys in that whirlwind (in the past) they give up. Their heart starts to play in. Then it starts to become a mental thing.”

He concluded:

“Now I am 40-0 with 39KO’s.”

Indeed he is.

He is now ten fights off Floyd Mayweather’s 50-0 record.

You’d have to think that with him being a heavyweight and the power that heavyweights punch with, he’s up against it in terms of reaching that tally though.

Surely, but never say never in this crazy sport.