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How Much Wilder and Ortiz Earned From Their Heavyweight Title Fight

How Much Wilder and Ortiz Earned

The Deontay Wilder and Ortiz purses for last night’s WBC heavyweight world title bout that took place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Wilder ultimately was made earn his money last night, as was Ortiz, in a fight that started off slow but finished very, very fast.

Both men stood and traded in the second half of the fight. Both got hurt.

Both dug in, but it was Wilder’s freakish power but also has huge heart that proved the difference in a 10th round stoppage.

Wilder for his purse as per the New York Athletic Commission earned $2.1 million dollars as a guaranteed amount.

Ortiz’ guaranteed amount was $500,000.

This does not factor in other revenue streams for the boxers such as sponsorship or potentially things like a bonus on tickets they sold, but the above figures were the guaranteed checks they got from the promoter of the event last night.

To put into perspective, UK-based Anthony Joshua is currently earning in the region of £15 million British pounds per fight at the moment.

When converted to dollars, nearly ten times the amount that Wilder is making.

This will be the main leverage point for Joshua’s promoters one suspects when trying to negotiate a future fight between the two.

In terms of agreeing the final financial split.

Of course Joshua has to get through a tough unification bout on March 31st against reigning WBO champion Joseph Parker from New Zealand, which is no foregone conclusion at all.

(Photo courtesy of Amanda Westcott / Showtime)