Deontay Wilder Has Fight Night Message For His Haters On His Socks

Perhaps one of the more creative ways in recent boxing memory that a fighter of note has told his naysayers what he thinks of them.

Wilder like all successful fighters or successful people in general, has his share of detractors.

Jibes range from playful ‘windmill’ verbal jabs to more dark attacks on his character from his dedicated trolls online.

While he has not had that one big breakout fight yet in his career against the likes of Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua, tonight’s test against Luis Ortiz should tell us a lot about how he deals with a skilled technician like Ortiz.

Speaking ahead of tonight’s fight on social media Wilder had this message for his detractors:

Its already gotten a rake of people talking. Just what he wanted to do, no doubt.

Slowly but surely he appears to be getting his star out there more and more – to where it should be at by now in fairness.

An American WBC heavyweight champion should be known far and wide across the States, at least.

If he were to knock out Ortiz in conclusive fashion tonight it would go a long way to sending out a message to his detractors and increasing his profile to land an Anthony Joshua fight.