Carl Frampton Tears Scott Quigg Apart, Trolls His Broken Jaw

Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg shared the ring a few years back now in 2016 but despite the fight, the two have never really seemed to get along since.

Usually when a fight is over any bad feeling that may have existed is gone but perhaps Frampton and Quigg knew in the back of their minds that they could meet one day again at featherweight.

Hence keeping that edge between one another.

When they fought at super-bantamweight a couple of years back Frampton got the decision in a fight that largely didn’t live up to the hype, but one Frampton deserved to win nonetheless.

Quigg suffered a broken jaw in the contest and chose to pursue a more boxing-type game plan than fans were accustomed to seeing the aggressive UK man use before that.

Speaking on social media, Quigg mentioned that he didn’t think Frampton’s power was anything too crazy:

Frampton was not letting him off the hook with that interview, and came back with the following:

Frampton could be up there for one of the quickest mentally – and wittiest fighters out there off the cuff.

One suspects you have not heard the last of these two speaking about one another just yet.

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