Fury Commentates His Live Reaction To Bellew Saying He’ll Fight Him On TV

Tyson Fury commentates his live reaction as he watches Tony Bellew say on national television that he would welcome a fight with him in the summer. He does not believe he will be the same man he was before taking a two-year hiatus from the sport of boxing.

Tony Bellew is set to face David Haye on May 5th.

However it would appear talks are already underway for a later in the summer showdown between him and Tyson Fury.

Fury had tabbed April as his month where he’d be making a comeback but with that coming up relatively soon, it is thought that May or even the summer might now be when Fury gets back in the ring.

Fury is still to formally get his boxing license back just yet.

This should not be a problem as he is understood to have had his suspension lifted and is just submitting some final medical forms.

In an interesting interview on television yesterday Tony Bellew spoke about Fury on TV and Fury recorded a video of it while giving his live reaction:


There is no denying that the build-up between these two extroverted boxers would make it a massive event on its own.

The main thing to stopping it would be a potential loss or injury to Bellew on May 5th against David Haye.

But then again, if the loss was not a brutal knockout defeat and say for example it was a points loss to Haye where Bellew didn’t take too much damage, who’s to say the fight still could not be made?

Fury is also understood to be in the market for a new promoter and with Tony Bellew’s promoter Eddie Hearn mentioning in the past that he’d love to work with Fury, anything is possible.