A Tony Bellew v Tyson Fury mega fight in the UK in a stadium has been reported as possible this morning and the Liverpool boxer has given his opinion in public.

Bellew first takes on David Haye next up on May 5th at the London O2 Arena.

Fury must also get a comeback fight out-of-the-way next up.

But talks behind the scenes have been mooted to be underway.

In response to a story on Sky Sports this morning, Bellew said the following about a fight between him and Fury at Old Trafford:

What an event it would be indeed.

The two of course will have to get through both of their fights next up of course.

So there are no guarantees with any of this.

The two boxers have traded insults in the media in the past and have expressed a willingness to fight one another if the opportunity arose though.

Don’t rule it out. Neither of the fighters are at this point.

Fury himself re-tweed the story a short time ago.

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