Wilder Is Fuming With Mike Tyson – Champions Past and Present Beef

Deontay Wilder is fuming with Mike Tyson following a back and forth exchange that has now developed between the pair in the media.

It all started a few weeks ago when WBC heavyweight champion Wilder said that he would have beaten a prime Mike Tyson.

A Tyson at the peak of his powers back in 1986.

The fallout after the comments was considerable.

Even boxing greats like Lennox Lewis and Frank Bruno came to the aid of their old adversary Mike Tyson.

They did not agree with Wilder’s opinion suffice to say.

Mike Tyson himself then went on a podcast weeks later and mentioned that Wilder:

“Talks so much s***.”

It appears a beef between heavyweight champions past and present has now developed.

Since hearing Tyson’s response, Wilder told CBS that:

“Instead of hating on these guys coming for the top or worry about their legacy getting run over for what they did in their era, that era is gone! This is the new era over here!”

That might be true but many will point to Wilder bringing up Mike Tyson’s name in the first place.

If their era is gone then why bring them up and say you would have beaten them back in their day?

Comparing boxing eras and fighters of the past with those of today is difficult to do at the best of times anyway.

But for some reason when it comes to the heavyweight division, fans just love to debate who would have won between fighters from different eras.

Perhaps the most debated fantasy fight of all is between Muhammad Ali in his prime against a prime Mike Tyson.

The truth is no one knows the real answer. We’ll never know. Legends of the past are best left in the past.

Past is past. What matters is today – and the future.