Bellew Brings Up What Haye Said Before First Fight To Haunt Him

Tony Bellew was not letting David Haye off the hook about what he said before their first fight – speaking at the press conference for their rematch today.

At one point in the press conference Bellew wanted to bring up the various things Haye said in the past and try to hold him accountable.

He said:

“The worst world champion you’ve ever seen was your words. The worst world champion. They are the exact words you used.”

To which Haye replied:

“That’s exactly what I said. That’s what I believed. Come fight night that didn’t work out. Tony Bellew bettered me.”

To which Bellew continued to press him with:

“Am I not the worst world champion in the world anymore?”

To which Haye replied:

“If you were what does that say about me?”

He added:

“You humbled me Tony! You humbled me. You won. You won the fight. I lost. Look at BoxRec. I lost. You beat me. You took my best and dished out yours. I don’t know what more I can say about that.”

An interesting back and forth between the two.

It seemed to be a bit of reverse psychology going on today and largely, Haye trying to not take the bait from Bellew.

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