What Danny Garcia Told Brandon Rios After Beating Him Was Marvelous

They say there is an unspoken bond between fighters and if this is anything to go by, that notion was proven to be true after Danny Garcia knocked out Brandon Rios this past weekend in Las Vegas.

Although the ending was as conclusive as you could ask for, with Rios left laid out on the canvas from a perfect right hand to the jaw, the story of the fight was a bit different.

Rios gave a stellar account of himself making the fight highly competitive for the nine rounds it went.

Fight fans who’ve followed Rios’ career over the years are intimately familiar with just how much of a warrior he is. He came into last weekend’s fight in the best shape he’s been in for many years and it showed with the quality of his performance.

Speaking after the fight Danny Garcia had the following to say to Rios and told him to keep his head held high:

“Hey Brandon – don’t worry about the critics bro. I was champion for five years and they still talk s*** about me. Until they can do what you do bro, f*** um. You’re the one putting in the blood, sweat and tears in there risking your life in the ring. So nobody can tell you nothing bro, so keep you’re head up.”

Garcia now moves on to a potential rematch with Keith Thurman later in the year and other big opportunities at welterweight.

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