Victor Ortiz Not Pleased With Judging In Devon Alexander Fight

Victor Ortiz and Devon Alexander fought it out tonight over twelve rounds and already calls for a rematch are happening among fight fans.

Indeed, Ortiz himself welcomed the notion of a rematch in his in-ring post-fight interview straight after the fight.

The bout was scored a draw overall and many largely saw it as a fight of two halves.

Alexander’s boxing in the first six rounds vs Ortiz’ pressure in the second six rounds.

Speaking after the bout tonight Ortiz said:

“I thought the decision was a little off and I thought I did enough to win. The first few rounds were a little complicated. He’s a great boxer and he was timing me just right. I wasn’t leaving the line of fire.”

For cleanness of work and punches landed Alexander for this writer’s buck deserved to get the nod.

But when it comes to judging it’s always going to be subjective when left in the hands of human interpretation.

Two of the judges clearly thought Ortiz’ pressure in the second half of the bout counted enough to bring him back into the fight and eventually get the draw.

A rematch is the only plausible conclusion.

(Photo courtesy of Ruben Ramirez)