Chris Eubank Senior Reacts To What Groves Did To His Son

Chris Eubank senior has spoken for the first time the day after his son was defeated to George Groves and overall has been magnanimous in defeat.

Going into the bout Eubank senior warned the referee in the fight to protect Groves from his son.

He hoped that a similar fate would not happen to Groves to that of one his son’s former opponents a few years back who suffered serious injury in a fight.

Thankfully both Groves and Eubank Jr came out of the fight last night healthy.

Speaking on Groves’ win Eubank senior said today on his Twitter account:

“. was skilled at moving and nullifying ‘s attack’s. &it’s not the first time I’ve been wrong. A gargantuan congratulations to him&his team The injury Mr G sustained to his shoulder is a draw back for him but he won&both men are safe &that’s good”

Kudos to him for admitting he was wrong. It takes a big person to do that, at the end of the day.

Of course this isn’t the end of Eubank Jr. Far from it.

He’s still very young in the grand scheme of things and will come again after this.

It’s more Eubank senior who seems to be coming in for criticism in various parts of the boxing world at the moment for promising that his son would be a world beater.

George Groves showed that he is not. Not yet anyway.

Who’s to say he can’t come back stronger from this however and use the defeat as a growing and learning experience.

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