The Pacquiao shoulder injury after his fight with Floyd Mayweather in 2015 still sticks out as a sore thorn for many boxing fans today. Almost three years on.

It was the biggest fight in history as an event but a fight that ultimately,didn’t live up to the hype.

Perhaps it never could in truth.

The hype going into it was on a scale never seen before in boxing.

Following a twelve round easy points win for Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao cited a shoulder injury in his post-fight press conference as a reason he was unable to perform.

This particularly got on the nerves of boxing fans whom seemed taken back by the fact he went into the bout with an injury in the first place.

His promoter Bob Arum was pushed on this in an open Q and A session on Reddit by one fight fan – who asked:

Do you feel Manny was being truthful about his shoulder injury and the healing properties of salt water?

To which he replied:

“Absolutely. This was an injury that he had since the De La Hoya fight many years before and the orthopedic surgeon told me personally that a lot of pitchers, major league pitchers, have the rotator cuff tears, some as much as 90%, and can still get on. Manny was able to fight with that rotator cuff for many years. He reinjured it in sparring, and with treatment it seemed to be fine, he was sparring well. And then he reinjured it in the fight, and they finally decided to operate on it. This happens in sports. Rotator cuff injuries are difficult in the sense that they sound sometimes worse than they really are.”