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Bob Arum Reveals The Most Difficult Fighter He Ever Worked With

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Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum has promoted fighters from all around the world for over 50 years but there’s one that still sticks out for him as the most difficult to deal with.

Many surely would think of Floyd Mayweather straight away.

Given the open jibes the two have levelled at one another in the media over the years since Mayweather decided to leave Arum’s Top Rank back in the day.

However that’s not the case. It’s a fighter you may not have even heard of.

Speaking on an open Q and A session on Reddit, one fan posed the question to Arum:

Serious question for Bob: Who is the most difficult fighter you’ve ever had to promote, and what made him so?

To which he responded:

“Well, there are fighters that were difficult for various reasons. There was an Argentine fighter named Hugo Corro, who was a middleweight champion at one time, but he would come to an event ready to fight and then the last week leading up to the fight, he’d find a dozen excuses as to why he wasn’t ready to fight. This was a saga that went on with all of us, most in Europe, Rodolfo Sabatini, myself, we’d spend weeks trying to talk this guy into fighting but it wasn’t a very happy week in a great place like Italy or France. He was, I think, the craziest and most difficult that I promoted.”

Arum was speaking ahead of last night’s ESPN card headlined by Ray Beltran who won the WBO lightweight world title.