Bob Arum Responds To Blood Sucking Claims

Bob Arum has opened up in brutally honest fashion in a Q and A session that has revealed a genuine and rather funny side to the Hall of Fame promoter.

UFC President Dana White has long said Bob Arum was part of the reason for boxing’s decline a few years back (not now obviously, boxing is booming).

White was famously quoted as saying in the past:

“Bob Arum has sucked the life out of boxing.”

Well, in a Q and A session on Reddit Bob Arum was levelled the following question from one fan:

“How much blood do you need to suck before you finally detach from your host?”

To which Arum replied:

“Well, you know, one thing that we’re very proud of in the 50 years that I’ve been involved is Top Rank pays its fighters better than anyone else does. We have made a lot of fighters rich. Nobody complains about their treatment with us. To use something like leeching off fighters…that’s just nonsense, not the case.”

Fair play for not avoiding the question and batting it back candidly.

The promoter was speaking ahead of this weekend’s Ray Beltran show that went out on ESPN from Reno in Nevada.

Beltran captured the vacant WBO lightweight world title.

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