Arum Reacts To Bribing Boxing Judges Claims In Modern Boxing

Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum has been on a rampage of answering fan questions this week ahead of last night’s ESPN boxing card in Reeno. The answers have been interesting to say the least.

Every time there’s a controversial decision in boxing many fans online scream corruption straight away.

Very rarely will there be a school of thought that acknowledges that the judge in question may have just had a bad night.

A bad day at the office like anyone in any work place could have. The difference being their work place happens to play out in public.

Having said that, there’s no denying that gross incompetence if it costs a boxer an opportunity to improve his life should be held accountable for.

More accountable than it currently is. Without doubt.

Speaking on this issue on an open Q and A session on Reddit, one fan asked the Hall of Fame promoter for his take on the matter:

How much does it cost to bribe a judge? Are female judges cheaper to bribe?

To which Arum replied:

“Let me say this…I don’t believe that there is widespread corruption as far as bribing judges. Can there be instances where they’ve been bribed? Probably. It is unfair to point out that some women have had ludicrous scorecards and therefore the allegation is that they’ve been bribed, but that’s insane. If they were really bribed, they wouldn’t have a scorecard that was so out of line! Think Adelaide Byrd’s scorecard with Canelo winning 10 of 12 rounds, which was absurd! The fact that it was so absurd should convince everyone she wasn’t bribed.”

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