CM Punk Starts Out As Favourite To Beat Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has often gone into the entertainment world in different ventures, but this would not be just entertainment. He’s reportedly very serious about stepping into another combat sports realm entirely.

There is no denying that Mayweather is one of – if not the best boxer of his particular era.

He fought everybody and beat them, retiring with a perfect of 50-0.

His last bout did come to a novice boxer against Conor McGregor back in August where he stopped the Irishman inside 10 rounds.

In recent weeks both men have been stoking the flames for a rematch under UFC rules in the sport of mixed martial arts but a new contender has now emerged.

Former wrestler turned MMA fighter CM Punk has opened up in many places as a betting favorite to take on Mayweather in his first fight in the UFC.

This (in one way) seems like a more realistic opponent for Mayweather to start out with given the fact McGregor is a world champion in the UFC and Punk like Mayweather, is a novice.

The main thing that doesn’t make sense though is the sheer difference in size.

Mayweather is a tiny guy in reality and CM Punk is a big guy.

The whole thing just seems completely nuts. I mean, McGregor vs Mayweather last year was one thing – but this is next level bananas.

How people are calling for this is perhaps a sign of the times we now live in.

In the words of Mayweather senior before the McGregor fight last year:

“Man, people like to see crazy things these days.”

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