Ring Magazine Editor: Floyd Mayweather Just Wants Attention

The world of combat sports continues to talk about a potential Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather rematch, this time in the UFC under MMA rules, but boxing writers in the know are not buying it.

Ring Magazine’s Editor Doug Fischer comes into that category.

Speaking to ES News, Doug Fisher said of the proposed fight:

“Generally speaking Mayweather has not fought a fight unless he has a decided advantage. Other than perhaps the Oscar De La Hoya fight was not in that category.”

He added:

It doesn’t make sense to me that he’d step into Conor McGregor’s wheelhouse.”

In conclusion on the topic and Mayweather posting a video of himself in an MMA cage, Fischer said:

“Why did he do it? I think he just wants attention. He’s always loved attention. It’s just part of his personality. That’s what I see. That’s the first thing I thought. Like, okay, they’ve just announced Canelo vs GGG II so Mayweather needs attention. That’s how I saw it.”

Mayweather has been keeping his name linked with McGregor in recent times since the pair fought back in August in Las Vegas.

Mayweather scored a 10th round TKO win that night at the T-Mobile Arena.

For the full interview on ES News YouTube check it out here: