Watch: Eddie Hearn and Billy Joe Saunders Have Sit Down

Today promoter Eddie Hearn and Billy Joe Saunders met in a face to face meeting which makes for some highly entertaining viewing.

WBO middleweight world champion Billy Joe Saunders is promoted by Hearn’s closest rival Frank Warren so it is not often you see him and a fighter like Saunders in the same place.

Being with competitor companies in boxing.

The two sat down with Kugan Cassius of IFL TV (YouTube) and discussed all things to do with current boxing.

Including if the Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury will happen:

Very interesting indeed.

A number of different topics covered and good to see two people in rival boxing companies speaking candidly with one another on camera.

Fight fans have long called for something similar to this between Hearn and Frank Warren. In a type of public debate or airing of feelings between the two rival promoters.

Interesting on the discussion of TV broadcasters above.

Up to this point it was thought that fighters between Hearn and Warren’s stables could not fight in big showdowns because of the different TV companies involved.

It appears though that there is more of a willingness to work with one another nowadays.