Adrien Broner Uploads Video Of Himself Mocking Police Officers

Adrien Broner was arrested earlier this week but appears to be out on bail and certainly not in jail from a video he uploaded this evening.

TMZ reported earlier this week that Broner was arrested for alleged indecent assault on a woman in a shopping mall in Atlanta.

Broner subsequently denied the story strongly.

Now he is back up and about and has brought out another controversial video today where he says:

“I tried to buy their broke a**** something to eat but they didn’t want it.”

Here’s the clip:

Broner has sent a number of concerning messages out on his Instagram account in recent weeks and following been arrested this week, his boxing career once again looks up in the air.

It appears that a week cannot go by now without something outside the ring making headlines for Broner for an unwanted reason.

Time will tell if he can get back on track and back to what he does best in the ring.

Or if he really even wants to at this point.

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