Mayweather Uncle Explains Reason For Potential Mayweather vs McGregor Rematch

There’s not many people who know Floyd Mayweather as well as his own uncle Jeff Mayweather. In the early days of Floyd’s career Jeff also managed Floyd for a time and has been there right from the start.

Jeff Mayweather is often referred to as the quiet Mayweather for his more introverted and common sense approach to how he speaks in interviews.

In recent years however he’s become more and more in the public eye and now operates the official Mayweather YouTube channel, which often has some great stuff on it to be fair.

Speaking to Mayweather YouTube, Jeff said the sole reason behind a potential McGregor vs Mayweather UFC fight is financial:

“I think just like the first time around, the same thing that went though Conor’s mind – money. It was an event. Basically this would be an event. The exact same thing but it would just be in reverse. I think that if it’s about money its worth the risk.”

Later he said on McGregor:

“True fighter at heart my a**. Motherf***** made a hundred million dollars. He never would have seen that in the UFC.”

Money is the obvious reason behind all this, really.

Both guys are astute businessmen and know that promoting one another in the media via their massive social media platforms has huge advantages for both men’s careers.

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