Eddie Hearn was disgusted with a story written by experienced journalist Jeff Powell of the Daily Mail following the recent Okolie vs Chamberlain fight that took place in London recently.

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn usually holds back and bites his tongue when it comes to media criticism but has let loose on Jeff Powell after words from the experienced journalist after the Okolie vs Chamberlain fight.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV, Hearn said:

“What gives me the hump is dinosaurs like Jeff Powell from the Daily Mail coming out and saying this is a disgrace, you know, people really have to look at themselves here. It was a complete mismatch. What? Jeff Powell didn’t even bother to go. So, it’s amazing to think that someone who probably didn’t even watch the fight, might have had it on the TV, he was probably at another promoter’s villa that he uses quite frequently, wants to criticise Okolie and Chamberlain, us and Sky, for creating an event that gave two young fighters the opportunity to challenge for a title and make a lot of money in front of 8000 people at the O2 (Arena)? And he calls it a mismatch? Yet before the fight not one person, not one pundit could confidently call the result of that fight? Yet now all of a sudden it’s a mismatch because Okolie won it easily?”

He added:

“That piece from Jeff Powell was a disgrace. A disgrace.”

Hearn himself used to have a column on the monster that is the Daily Mail website. One of the most read news sources on Earth.

However that appears to have ended a few months back in November as his column no longer operates.

For the full interview on IFL YouTube (hat tip) check it out here: