Tyson Fury and Mike Tyson appear to be good friends behind the scenes with the various words of encouragement this week. But Fury will not be letting one current American boxer off the hook for comments about the youngest heavyweight champion in history.

Fury at present is getting ready for a comeback and recently said that if he had fought Mike Tyson in his prime – that he would have been knocked out in one round by the New Yorker.

Mike Tyson subsequently released a video telling Fury to have more confidence in himself and that he was looking forward to seeing him back in the ring.

In response to Wilder’s comments about Mike Tyson and Tyson’s advice, Tyson Fury said:

“Hey Mike Tyson thanks for the support champ. It’s not that I need any more confidence I’m just showing you the respect you deserve as a legend. After Deontay Wilder’s comments recently about knocking you out. In hindsight, I’m going to knock him out.”

Wilder is currently set to face Cuban Luis Ortiz next up while Fury is looking for an opponent likely in April or May.

Provided both men win there is no logical reason why they could not fight on another towards the back-end of 2018, realistically.