The case has now been settled for both Fury and indeed his cousin Hughie, but it appears UKAD are still totting up how much it cost to go through the near two years of legal proceedings.

It is possible in the future that Fury will seek his own reimbursement for not been able to fight and earn a living for the time he was out of the ring because of the protracted, drawn out UKAD case, but for now, he’s concentrating on what’s important – getting fighting fit and back in the boxing ring.

The BBC have reported this morning that the case cost UKAD over £600,000. Approximately 10% of its annual turnover as a business it has been reported.

There were fears that Fury could bankrupt the organisation if he sues for restriction of trade because of the case keeping him out of the ring in the past.

Last year Fury accepted a backdated suspension and moved on.

While the legal agreement involved in this is not entirely clear, what has now become abundantly apparent and clear because of all of this, is just how fragile an organisation like this if a world-famous, wealthy, well advised, intelligent athlete, who knows his rights, goes to court with them.

Hopefully everyone can move on and learn from this whole saga in his a positive manner moving forward and never, ever, have a case drag on that long again.

Fury returns to the ring this April and is currently awaiting his British Boxing Board of Control license which is expected to be issued shortly after having his suspension lifted recently.