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Home » McGregor Poses Next To Two Boxing Legends – Fans Destroy Him

McGregor Poses Next To Two Boxing Legends – Fans Destroy Him

Fight fans can be brutal online and a picture of Conor McGregor standing next to a photo of two boxing icons has brought about some considerable abuse for the Irishman.

McGregor fought last against Floyd Mayweather in August of last year and has since made it public that he will fight in the UFC next, in his usual sport of MMA.

This week he posed next to a photo of Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier with the following:

Here’s some of the well, feedback, he’s been getting to the picture and post:

That shirt looks gayer than two dudes blowing three dudes

you look like a fat ninja turtle

cause you are indeed one the biggest names after Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.

You’re a p**** you don’t fight you never defended your belt once b****

Too bad you’re a fucken Irish p**** who is too scared to defend a belt and your gimp @danawhite holding your balls in his mouth I hope @stipemiocicufcknocks Dana white out cold and f**** his mother up the a**

Lmao this guy still be posting photos at the nyac.

McGregor has been linked heavily with an MMA bout against former pound for pound number one boxer Floyd Mayweather later in 2018.