Chris Eubank Jr Has Seen Something To Exploit In George Groves

Chris Eubank Jr spotted something in his up coming opponent George Groves that seems to have given him added confidence.

Mind games have been subtle between both fighters since the bout was confirmed and announced last November but soon enough, on February 17th, all the talk will be done and reality will be upon both men in Manchester.

Both surely know in their heart of hearts that it’s going to be a tough fight, no matter what and on the balance of probabilities, someone will probably end up getting knocked out.

That’s what makes a special fight, a match of genuine worth in the eyes of boxing fans.

We have something very special on our hands here – for this writer’s buck at least.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Eubank Jr believes mentally Groves is lacking:

“But I saw in his eyes at our press conference to launch the fight last November that he is having to convince himself of something, that he needs to give a certain view of my career and what I have done to reassure himself.”

Indeed, fast forward to this week and Eubank Jr is continuing in this line of his questioning of the Londoner, saying on Twitter:

Nervousness aside, fists will be flying in a little over a week’s time where if there were any nerves – they’ll be quickly forgotten about.

The bout takes place on February 17th at the Manchester Arena.